Take A Gamble With Your Cooking

Cooking is an essential part of survival but lets face it not all of us have the time to plan out a recipe. If you are a master chef you have no worries but for those of us without a culinary degree, we need help. If we are honest with ourselves; when is a bowl of cereal not an acceptable dinner? Do you ever find yourself cooking the same thing every time or worse, not being able to cook?

Well, someone decided to help you out by creating “Foodie Dice.” These dice come in different categories of meat and veggies that you roll and find a recipe using the ingredients that are rolled. This is a new fun way to mix your cooking up from the otherwise bland bowl of cereal you would probably be settling for instead. These dice will not make you an instant chef but they sure can help you out. This is a special project that you will want to jump on very, very quickly to make sure you get yourself a set.

The dice are pretty sweet. They are made out of wood that has been carved cut into the six sided die that you are accustomed to. The squares have been laser engraved to keep the fruits and veggies from rubbing off like they would if they were ink stamped. The laser engraving also adds a nice touch to the overall look of the dice. They come in a package of 9 dice.

Whether you can cook or think you can cook, these dice are a great addition to your kitchen. You will be able to cook delicious, healthy meals using these dice at times when you are lacking creativity and variety in your meals. Just a quick shake and role is all you need to kick start your cooking experience. Isn’t it time you upgraded your cooking to the next level?


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#Hustle #liveyourlife #goodish


#Hustle #liveyourlife #goodish




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